Historic, Pleasant Point

A pleasant point to stop a while, which is pretty much where the name came from.

It's enroute from Timaru City through to the Mackenzie Country, and back in the 1800s it was a favourite place to stop and refresh for wagoners.

Today it's a pleasant outing for locals and visitors alike.  Locals head to Point for walks, swimming, bike rides and real fruit ice creams.  The Museum and Railway attracts visitors from all over the world.

Hanging out in Pleasant Point

Pleasant Point Museum and Railway 

This is a must visit if you're in Timaru District.  It's been rated as one of New Zealand's best preservation railways, but there's loads more to this attraction than that.

They run fully operational steam locomotives – including the 1922 locomotive Ab699 – and a rare replica of a Model T Ford Railcar. There are museum exhibits at each end of the 2.4km long railway line that runs alongside the highway; it was part of the original Timaru to Fairlie railway line which was decommissioned in 1968.

Rides on the steam train or the railcar are a favourite with kids and adults alike, as are the classic cartoon movies and museum exhibits.

Pleasant Point Golf Club

A fabulous country golf course, and visitors of all ages are welcome.  If you don't have clubs with you, there is a small range of clubs for hire, as well as golf carts.

The club welcome visitors, you can check out more information on green fees here.

Opihi Walkway

A long but flat walkway of 3 hours one way, so you might consider having a car at each end.  A great walk to stretch your legs, you can start at the Arowhenua end and finish for lunch or refreshments in Pleasant Point.

If you're after a shorter stroll check out these walks.

Real fruit ice creams at Strawberry Divine

When we say real fruit ice cream, we mean it. Hosts Giles and Crissie grow their own berries and stone fruit, or source fruit locally.  Pick one or two fruits and see them mixed before your eyes with vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt.  Served in a waffle or a cone.  Gluten free options available.

Check out these flavours!  Strawberry, raspberry, gooseberry, blueberry, golden peach, blackboy peach, banana, mixed berry, boysenberry and black doris plum.

People drive for miles for these ice creams, and to hang out in the courtyard and garden.  Don't just take our word for it, check out their Tripadvisor reviews!

Depending on the season they are open from September to April.  Check out their current opening times on Facebook.

68 Te Ngawai road , Pleasant Point
Timaru, New Zealand
Go for a  swim at the community pool

Pleasant Point's pool is a fantastic place to cool off over summer.  There's a pool for everyone including a 25m 6 lane pool, a toddlers pool and a learners pool.  All pools are outdoor and heated, and there'a a great area for having a picnic too.

Located on Harris Street, it's open from mid December until mid February.

Look for bats

Pleasant Point is home to colonies of native Long-Tailed Bats.

They are tiny and elusive but keep an eye out for bat roost trees.  You'll recognise these by the aluminium bands tied around them to stop predators scaling the trees.  If you stare hard enough up into the branches of these trees you might get lucky and catch a glimpse of these little locals.