Beautiful Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia means 'the land between the two rivers'.  It's an area of outstanding natural beauty, fascinating pioneering history and outdoor adventures.

Getting there

Do a roadie and take in the scenery, or fly in and land at Mesopotamia Station.

Start your roadie at Peel Forest and stop for refreshments at the Green Man Cafe.  Owners Matt and Shelly Searles also do the mail run to Mesopotamia and can offer you inside tips for your journey.  Check out Matt's Mail to Messy Instagram for inspiration.

There are lots of fabulous picnic spots along the way, like the Te Wanahu Flats.  Please respect private property and keep away from livestock.

Mesopotamia tour

Alps 2 Ocean 4x4 Tours

Sit back and enjoy a guided tour through this spectacular area with Alps 2 Ocean 4x4 Tours.

Explore the history of the high country stations that farm this land. Learn about the pioneering ways of the early settlers to this region, visit the historic Mesopotamia school and graveyard as well as the stunning Peel Forest church.

Find out more about the tours and book here

Mesopotamia Station

At the end of the Rangitata Valley you'll come to historic Mesopotamia Station.

The Station has been in the Prouting family since 1945, and they love to share their piece of paradise with others.  You can stay and play there, with hunting, tramping, scenic flights and more on offer.  If you stay on the station you can access their exclusive tracks, that are not available to day-trippers.

Samuel Butler

Mesopotamia Station was named by Samuel Butler (explorer, pastoralist, writer, artist, musician) in 1860. He was the first run holder and an unlikely sheep man. At Mesopotamia, besides farming, he wrote, sketched and painted.

You can still see remnants of his original homestead there, and then wander up Forest Creek to see his original hut site.

Dr Sinclair's Grave

Another important historic site is the cemetery.

It is the resting place of Dr Sinclair who drowned in the Rangitata on March 1861 when his horse bolted crossing the river. Sinclair traveled with Julius Von Haast surveying the area in the early days of Canterbury’s settlement.

Walks and tracks

If you're doing the Te Araroa Trail you'll wander through this magic part of the South Island.

Hunting and fishing

You can go hunting and take helicopter flights year-round with the team at Mesopotamia Station.

Or you can customise your trip with the teams at Glendeer and Rangitata High Country Hunting.

Stay Safe

As we take advantage of our amazing backyard it's important to be well prepared when heading off the beaten track.

The Outdoor Safety Code has five key messages to ensure your safety:

  1. Plan your trip
  2. Tell Someone
  3. Be aware of the weather
  4. Know your limits
  5. Take sufficient supplies

And of course remember the Tiaki Promise to care for people and place.