Cruise FAQ - For passengers


What is the location of Timaru?

Timaru City is located in the centre of the South Island, on the East Coast.  We're approximately halfway between Christchurch and Dunedin.

Our district is flanked by the majestic snowed-capped Southern Alps in the west, the Pacific Ocean in the east, and bordered by the fresh clean waters of the Rangitata and Pareora rivers in the north and south.

How can I reach Timaru City from the port?

PrimePort Timaru is located on the edge of the CBD. It’s a short walking distance to restaurants, shops, Caroline Bay, and other attractions.

On cruise days a bus shuttle service operates from the port to the Visitor Information Centre in the heart of Timaru City.

Where can I get local information?

We'll greet you as you disembark to help guide you where you need to go, and answer any questions.  We can send you off on your pre-booked tours, or direct you to the Timaru Information Centre on foot or by shuttle bus.

Where will my tour depart?

All tours you may have pre-booked with your cruise ship will depart from the port, and we can help direct you to the right one.

What should I bring with me?

Wherever you go in Aotearoa please be mindful of not contributing to landfill by purchasing single use items.  Please bring your own reusable cup, drink bottle, reusable containers and shopping bags.  There are plenty of places selling reusable gear, including our much-loved second hand stores.

Most cruise visits are in the peak of our summer and we'd recommend plenty of sunblock, a sun hat and some good walking shoes to make the most of stretching your legs in Timaru City. As a coastal cientre, we do have changeable weather, so it's also good to carry a warmer top or jacket with you too.

If you’re headed to the wilderness to go hiking, hunting or exploring, always check in with local guides and experts on what to wear and what to bring.

Can I walk on and off the ship?

Ships berthed at our No.1 wharf have easy access for passengers to return to the ship as often as you wish during the day. Remember to take photo ID with you (such as your passport or driver’s licence) so you can get past port security on your return.

Larger vessels berthed on the Container Terminal side of the port require passengers to be transported across the working port area by bus for safety.  We provide regular shuttle buses to the vessel throughout the day, leaving from the Timaru Information Centre.

How warm is it?

Timaru's average summer temperature is in the early 20s, but we get some pretty hot days as well, when temperatures climb to the late 20s.  A prevalent coastal sea breeze tends to keep temperatures moderate.

Check out the current  temperature here.

Is Wi-Fi available?

Free wireless internet is available in the CBD, with coverage stretching down Stafford Street from The Piazza overlooking Caroline Bay to the George Street intersection, as well as to several side streets.  It's also available at plenty of eateries and our district libraries.

How safe is this city?

Pickpockets and serious crime are not major issues here. But be sensible with your belongings – don’t leave valuables on display or unattended, and always lock your vehicle.

Do I need to tip?

No - tipping is not expected or required anywhere in New Zealand. All prices already include our 15% Goods and Services Tax (GST).