Strawberry Divine - Real fruit ice creams

When we say real fruit ice cream, we mean it. Hosts Giles and Crissie grow their own berries and stone fruit, or source fruit locally.  Pick one or two fruits and see them mixed before your eyes with vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt.  Served in a waffle or a cone.  Gluten free options available.

Check out these flavours!  Strawberry, raspberry, gooseberry, blueberry, golden peach, blackboy peach, banana, mixed berry, boysenberry and black doris plum.

People drive for miles for these ice creams, and to hang out in the courtyard and garden.  Don't just take our word for it, check out their Tripadvisor reviews!

Depending on the season they are open from September to April.  
11am - 5pm weekends