Centennial Park


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Key Information

Distance: 5km

Duration: 1 hour

Difficulty: Easy with some gradual inclines

Dog Friendly: Yes

Wheelchair and pram friendly: Yes

Bikes Permitted: Yes

Track Description

In the heart of the park, you’ll find the Centennial Park Lake recreational area. It has ample parking for cars, an expansive sheltered picnic area, BBQs, (2) duck ponds, (3) children’s playgrounds and toilet facilities. It's also the starting point for an orienteering course.

From here, a variety of tracks span out around the park to offer a fantastic range of trails for walkers, runners, mountain bikers and amblers. Some of the tracks are shared use for walkers and bikers, while others are exclusively for mountain bikers and cover a range of terrains, for bikers of all abilities.

Maps of the mountain bike trails can be found at the northern and southern entrances, along with car parking areas.

A BMX freestyle park (1) is located by the suspension bridge over Otipua Creek that can be accessed from either the middle or southern entry points. Car parking is possible alongside the bridge.

The park’s rich autumn colours provide an added seasonal attraction to the area. Locals often call it “The Scenic”.

Do the full loop, discover the less mainstream side tracks, or just opt for half for a shorter walk.

It is possible to bike or walk from the coast into Centennial Park from the Otipua Wetlands, taking the Saltwater and Otipua Creek tracks.

Getting There

Centennial Park is located to the Southern side of Timaru City. Follow Church Street from the city centre to the start of the park.

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