Denheath famous desserts

Pleasant Point became a favourite stopping-off place for the tour buses to and from Mt Cook, Queenstown and Milford Sound. And the yummy treat that everyone wanted to try was the uniquely Kiwi Denheath Custard Square. Sometimes international tourists would even request shipments to be sent back home, going to great lengths to obtain them for special occasions!

You simply have to try these fluffy towers of goodness while you're here.  You can order them online for overnight delivery when you get back home FYI.

Don't take our word for it, here's what a customer had to say:

If you haven't tried these yet you are missing out on life. These are quite simply the most delicious custard squares available anywhere in the world. Ok, so I haven't tried every custard square available in the world, but you get the idea. They are really, really ridiculously good. So fluffy, so light, so tasty, so buy some.

For more information head to their website.