Temuka Courthouse Museum

Housed in the historic former Temuka Courthouse.  This Museum is home to over 6,000 items recording the history of Temuka, from farming, to industry, family history and social history.

Family history research is available, a fee is charged for this. The museum is has a collection of several hundred scanned images, digital copies are available for a fee. Contact the museum via email.

The Museum building is striking, it was constructed in 1900-01 and used up until as a courthouse as recently as 1979. It has a Historic Place Category 2 listing and is considered to be one of New Zealand’s finest small town public buildings.

Designed by Government architect John Campbell, who also designed many public buildings throughout the country during the time of his employment between 1890 and 1922.  As he was a busy character, at times Campbell would re-use his designs.  The Bluff Courthouse is an example of where he used the Temuka Courthouse design elsewhere.

The building is constructed completely of red brick, and is designed in the Baroque style.

Open every Sunday from 2pm - 4pm, from Labour Weekend 2019 until Queens Birthday 2020.