Caroline Bay Walk


Cbay track

Track Description

A return track from the city to the clifftop for a view along Caroline Bay.

Grab a coffee from the Bay Hill and start at the top of the Piazza steps. The (1) Trevor Griffiths Rose garden is opposite and is well worth a visit. Follow the Willow walk to the right. Cross over the road and follow the Memorial walkway back towards the Caroline Bay Community Lounge.

The Memorial Wall was built in the 1920s to commemorate the land and sea battles in which New Zealanders fought in the Great Wars. When this wall was built it marked the line where land and sea met.

Turn right onto the diagonal path and left at the fountain. Continue towards the Community Lounge.

The Palliser Fountain is on the corner of the lawn on the left side towards the end of the wall. In summer this area is busy with the carnival rides. Turn right at the end of the wall, pass the back of the Community Lounge, and left to continue across the car park or grassed area alongside. Follow the road up to the railway bridge.

Take the cliff path up to the Benvenue Cliffs and enjoy the view of Caroline Bay, Beckett's Lighthouse is to the north of the bridge. Cross the footbridge over the rail-way line to Benvenue Avenue. On your left you pass the ASB Tennis Centre and the CBAY Trust Aoraki Centre. Walk back down Virtue Avenue and follow the track to the right behind the Bay tennis courts to the Aviary. Take the right diagonal path and turn left at the Bay Tea Rooms. Continue walking on this path through the Sound Shell until you reach the Piazza.

Getting There

You will find the main vehicle entrance to Caroline Bay off Virtue Avenue, otherwise, there are multiple access points by foot around the bay precinct.

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