Best surfing breaks in Timaru

Our top picks of Timaru surf breaks

Lighthouse Reef

A 20-minute drive from Timaru, Lighthouse Reef is a right hand reef break best for advanced to expert surfers. On a rocky reef south of Jack’s Point, the wave has a drop in, with powerful hollow, barrel sections.

To get there

Get there by heading south on the main State Highway from Timaru. Turn left on either Ellis or Scarborough Road and drive to the coast. There’s carparking, but you’ll need to walk to the point.

Patiti Point

Just two minutes from the city, Patiti Point is a popular, left hand point break off the end of the point. Ideal for intermediate to expert surfers, the wave has a steep, fast drop in and fast, powerful hollow sections.

To get there

Get there by taking Domain Avenue to South Street out to Patiti Point. No walk in and parking available.

Jack’s Point

A 10-minute drive from the city, Jack’s Point is a right hand point break on a rocky, stony point at Scarborough, south of Timaru. Suited to advanced to expert surfers, Jack’s Point gives a good length wave with several sections.

To get there

Get there by heading south on the State Highway. Turn left onto Scarborough Road. Keep going until you get to Jack’s Point. Take a short walk to the beach and out to the point. Parking is available.


A city break that’s only five minutes from town, Smithfield is a right hand reef break, found off the rocks in front of the old Smithfield freezing works. The powerful, steep wave is best suited to expert surfers only.

To get there

From Timaru, head north on the State Highway. Turn right onto Bridge Street, pass the fire station and continue to the freezing works. Take the short walk to the beach. Parking available.