Epic Butcheries

If you're fortunate enough to live in this District, or you're visiting and you're on cooking duties - here's your first port of call if you want to impress with gourmet cuts of top quality meat.

Geraldine Butchery

Geraldine Butchery is a boutique supplier of premium quality meats, free range eggs and gourmet condiments.  They cut meat to order, and they also produce ready to cook foodie delights such as dumplings.  Really really good dumplings.

You'll find them at 6 Wilson Street, Geraldine
Phone 03 693 8538
Check them out on Facebook.

Top notch butchery in every respect.. quality meat , mouth watering gourmet treats, exceptional customer service and affordable prices. Michael's butchery is the best and worth the regular trip from Christchurch to stock up !!

Burgers Butchery

Burgers Butchery are passionate about Timaru District.  They believe that locally grown food should be available for local people, of a quality which is kind to the land and good for our health too, and at a price which is fair to both the producer and consumer.

They are the producers of NZ Biltong.

They source their meat  from local farmers within a 50km zone of Timaru.

You'll find them at 305 Church Street, Timaru
Phone: 03 688 9338

Our aim is to also make this superb local food available and accessible to everyone, so that top quality regional food is able to be sourced by our best restaurants and by private customers. To this end we will have set up an online shop with direct delivery or pick-up in and around Timaru.

Smithfield Butcher Shop

These meat experts are dedicated to retailing and wholesaling fresh, high quality Alliance branded meats.  Sales of export quality meats when you really want to push the boat out, such as  Apple Tree Pork, Silere Lamb, Pure South Beef, Lamb, Venison and Handpicked 55-day Aged Beef.

You'll find them at Bridge Road, Timaru
Phone: 03 684 2141
Check them out on Facebook.

New Zealand’s natural farming environment results in meat with maximum potential for nutrition and flavour.  Timaru is one of the happiest places on earth and our team is no exception! We’re all about our local community and we’re pleased to be able to offer top of the line, nutritious meats for good value in our home town - and beyond.