Amore Food Market & Cafe

Amore Food Market & Café is a unique haven for all those who are health-conscious & eco-friendly.

Offering over 1,200 organic wholefoods including daily fresh organic produce.  The Market Shop also includes over 200 bulk bins offering savings to you & the planet.

The Amore Food Café is South Canterbury’s first 100% gluten-free, microwave free, organic & plant-based café.

We focus on tasty nutrient-dense creations which cater to paleo, keto, LCHF, vegetarian & vegan diets.  We use fresh organic ingredients from the Amore Food Market Shop & we can specialise any of the menu options to suit individual dietary requirements.

We have locals coming back several times a week for their lunches & takeaway dinners available until 5.30 pm weekdays.

Pre-orders 03 686 6549

Dine-in Menu available until 4.30pm M-F, 3.30pm Sat
Takeaways Menu available until 5.30pm M-F, 3.30pm Sat