Things we love about Caroline Bay

It’s great year-round

Caroline Bay is great to visit any time of year. In summer, it comes alive with events including the Festival of Roses in November and the big summer carnival in December.

In winter, it’s framed by a wonderful backdrop of snow-capped mountains.

Activities for all ages

There’s something at Caroline Bay for everyone – there’s a playground for kids, outdoor bbqs, gym equipment and volleyball courts.

You can play mini golf, disc golf, whack a tennis ball around, skate to your heart’s content and take a ride on a small train. There’s public artwork and plenty of car parking too.

Bike it, swim it, walk it – you can do the lot

Caroline Bay is a sizeable area of around 210 hectares – with plenty of parkland dedicated to biking and walking tracks.

Download the free Timaru Trails app and wander around the bay area learning about the history and points of interest, or do the Dashing Rocks walkway that starts and ends in Caroline Bay.

Native wildlife lives here

There’s a resident rookery of penguins in the rocks of Caroline Bay, plenty of native birds and it’s not uncommon to see a big old New Zealand fur seal soaking up the sun on the foreshore.

It’s got history and a 'garden of excellence'

They say the name ‘Caroline Bay’ comes from an early whaling ship that came to Timaru in the 1830s.

You can also wander through the renowned Trevor Griffiths Rose Garden, which is in full bloom from November to July.   This garden was deemed ‘a garden of excellence’ in 2013 by the World Federation of Rose Societies. Designed by Sir Warren Miles, it contains around 1,200 old roses.

Free outdoor concerts

The park’s outdoor soundshell is great for summer concerts for crowds of up to 2,000 people.  Soundsplash is heading out way in January 2020!

It’s dog friendly

Between April and September Caroline Bay becomes a place dogs love too. That’s the time of the year we’re allowed to exercise dogs off their leash.

It’s one of New Zealand’s most loved beaches!

A couple of years ago ‘the bay’ (as it’s known locally) was recognised as one of the 10 most-loved beaches in New Zealand in an AA poll.

More than 600,000 votes were cast for 200 Kiwi beaches.

Getting there

It's right in Timaru City, walking distance from the CBD, and directly across the road from a fabulous row of eateries on the Bay Hill.

There are plenty of parking options.  You can drive down the port loop, turn left onto Marine Parade and find car parking.  Or to access the parking at the other end of the beach head down Virtue Ave.  Get directions on Google Maps.