Geraldine Observatory

If you're going to visit any observatory, this is the one we recommend!

Currently rated as the number one attraction in Geraldine, according to Tripadvisor.

The Geraldine Observatory is operated by Peter and Wyn Aldous, who love to share their passion with the public.

Geraldine Observatory is one of New Zealand's best private observatories, and very high tech.  The range of telescopes and equipment that Peter uses makes his observatory favoured the best in the country. The observatory has a 14 inch, six inch refractor, four inch triplit refractor, all mounted on a Paramont ME mount in a large roll on roll off observatory, a 11 inch HD Edge telescope in a domed observatory as well as others.

Peters main interest is supernova hunting (exploding stars) and sharing the joys of the night sky with members of the public.

Absolutely fantastic - if you are in the South Island and around the region we fully recommend booking in with Peter. Peter offers a great insight to astronomy and the sky’s above. We were recommended to go by a friend, so glad we did it, our two teenage girls and my wife were amazed how great Peter was and using Peter’s equipment - to be able to see it all as he pointed out the galaxy and points of interest - it was sometimes breath taking - a real insight with videos fully explaining what we are about to see and what we were looking at. The family came away learning so much!

All I can say is book in meet Peter, sit back and enjoy what is above us all !!