Phar Lap's early years

If you love Phar Lap, then put Timaru on your itinerary

Phar Lap, (also known as 'Australia's Wonder Horse', 'Big Red', 'Bobby' and 'Red Terror') was born at Alexander Roberts’ Seadown Stud, not far from Timaru City.

You can revisit the place it all started, the area where Phar Lap was born and spent his first two years.

First stop:

Visit the life sized bronze statue on State Highway 1 at Phar Lap Raceway, Timaru District.  Not far from the place of his birth.  It's an Instagram worthy photo stop.

Second stop:

Carry on your Phar Lap themed journey by popping into Cafe Phar Lap at Hopkinsons for yummy refreshments and retail therapy.   Here you can see the stables where Phar Lap was housed before heading to auction and across the Tasman Sea.

The stables are currently used for storage, but it's fascinating to think he was stabled right there.

Final stop:

Your next stop is the South Canterbury Museum, a fabulous place to visit and a must-do for heritage buffs.  Upstairs in the movie theatre you can view a movie on Phar Lap, produced and told from a local angle.