Why you should go to go to the Festival of Roses

Hello, summer

Held late November-early December, the Festival of Roses is a great way to celebrate the changing of the seasons and to get excited about the long, hot summer ahead.

Great live gigs

Enjoy acts from top-notch performers. In past years we've had thousands turn out for singers like Tami Neilson, New Zealand’s Queen of Country music, and to meet celebrity speakers like Peta Mathias.

Fun for the kids

Entertain the kids for hours with the festival’s puppet shows, street entertainment and circus acts. Watch local kids vie for top honours at the best sand saucer competition or most stunning item of decorated footwear.

You can get involved

The festival takes over the entire town, which means we all get wrapped up in the excitement. You can too. There’s plenty of ways to participate.

You can vote for your favourite Festival of Roses window display. All our main street shops transform their windows for the festival. Or you can take a rose garden tour or enter our poetry competition.

Roses, roses and more roses

Most of all, you should come to the festival to immerse yourself in roses, roses and more roses. Buy your love a dozen roses at the Roses on the Day Market Day hosted at Caroline Bay.

While you're there, you can visit Timaru’s spectacular Trevor Griffiths Rose Garden, located at the foot of the Timaru Piazza close to the shores of Caroline Bay. It’s home to almost 1,200 roses.